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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

CAR CRIME UK - FREE Car Security Checker


The team at Nice 1, providers of Theft Protect Replacement Vehicle Insurance, are delighted to provide access to a great new resource for UK motorists that is totally FREE.

Type a postcode and registration number into this free online tool, confirm the vehicle make and model, and you are then presented with a security rating for that car and the location it is kept.

This solves the age old mystery for UK motorists – how to get free access to information about how safe from crime their vehicle is, or how safe the vehicle they are planning to buy is, according to the area where it’s parked in and the type of vehicle it is.

This unique tool also provides the ABI security ranking, and explains how that system rates male and female drivers according to age. Few people know that a female under 24 or a male under 30 will get discounts for driving vehicles between one and 20 ABI groups. Insurance will go up rapidly after ABI 20, and most insurers will decline above ABI 33. Females over 24 will get discounts for driving vehicles between one and 33 ABI and insurance will go up rapidly after ABI 33. Males over 30 will get discounts for driving vehicles between one and 33 ABI and insurance will go up rapidly after 33.

The security rating is an estimate based on government and industry vehicle crime data. The data is combined to take account of where the vehicle is kept overnight, the vehicle's theft desirability and manufactured security. Scores range from 'excellent' - nine stars or more - to 'extremely poor' - one star. An 'excellent' score has an approximate probability of less than 1-in-1000 chance of being stolen, broken into or vandalised over the year and 'extremely poor' has a greater than 1-in-10 chance."

The tool draws its data from the ABI and the Thatcham vehicle security site. Thatcham is the research and development unit owned by the UK insurance industry.

So, whether you are thinking of buying a new car, getting or renewing your car insurance, or you simply want to find out how secure your car is, click the link below or to the right of the page.

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Your vehicle is one of your most valuable assets. This site provides free resources and information so that you may ensure it is protected against the unwanted attention of the criminal fraternity.

Through this site, Nice 1, the creators of
Theft Protect, highlight the facts and dispel the myths about courtesy cars and vehicle crime in the UK. Our professional team comprises industry experts drawing on years of experience in criminal investigation within the police service, combined with many years of accumulated experience in the fields of vehicle sales, rental and motor insurance.

A lot of hype surrounds crime statistics published by the authorities and industry sectors. Home Office statistics published annually relate to historic crime NOT the current situation.

Insurance companies frequently publish crime statistics, however their data relates specifically to THEIR customers only, and is not a true representation.

Nice 1 collate up-to-date national crime statistics and news on a regular basis, so as to keep YOU, the consumer informed of what is happening NOW. We do this by liaising with the UK police forces, the Home Office and other sources of reliable statistical information.

Please visit our
Theft Protect consumer site by clicking here.

Explore the posts and feel free to view our "At-A-Glance" analysis reports, to gain a valuable insight into the true picture of car crime in your area, so that you can make informed decisions about buying a new vehicle, renewing or replacing your existing motor insurance and ensuring your vehicle is protected.

To see the latest news updates, alerts and information requests from your local police force, click the link for your area from the Police Newslink section on the lower right side of this page.

We welcome your comments about crime in the UK, motor insurance, buying a new vehicle or vehicle security.

Whether on behalf of yourself or in support of the business you represent, our analysts welcome enquiries about the information and reports we collate behind the scenes.

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